Actinic Business V9.

Actinic Business Version 9.

Actinic Business provides a powerful and affordable application for small and medium sized companies to develop and manage sophisticated ecommerce businesses. It builds on the comprehensive features in Actinic Catalog with additional advanced functionality in the areas of marketing, customer management and integration with back office systems. An integration to Actinic EPOS together with extended order entry capability for mail and telephone orders also makes Actinic Business suitable for businesses operating through ecommerce, mail order and retail channels.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and intuitive Windows interface
  • Flexible product catalogue supports up to 20,000 products including digital products such as MP3s and PDFs
  • Complete design and store layout flexibility to create your own unique store
  • Extensive store management functionality for easy and efficient online store operation
  • Single-page order entry form and direct credit card payment processing (requires Actinic Payments account) for telephone, phone, fax and mail orders
  • Sophisticated marketing and customer management functionality, including advanced discounting features and customer specific pricing
  • Dynamically link to spreadsheets and databases
  • Includes Link to Sage Line 50 and QuickBooks accounts packages
  • Includes Ecommerce-EPOS Link with Actinic point of sale systems
  • Upgrade to Actinic Business Plus for multi-site and multi-user operation

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Actinic Catalog in detail, Actinic Business PLUS in detail.

Flexible Product Catalogue

  • Support for up to 20,000 products with product images
  • Create unlimited number of product sections and subsections
  • Define unlimited product variations such as size and colour
  • Optionally assign different prices to different product variants
  • Add additional images in a pop-up window
  • Add additional text or images in a supplementary page, or a pop-up window
  • Specify shipping weights for each product
  • Set up different shipping zones with different tariffs
  • Add shopper definable fields for personalised products
  • Export product and section data
  • Import product and section data
  • Explorer-style 'drag and drop' style interface to access product items quickly and easily
  • Multiple page layout options, including product list with single 'add to cart' button
  • Create links to external files or urls
  • Show product choices as radio buttons, drop downs or button grids
  • Define additional components for each product
  • Use one product as a component of another
  • Support for downloadable products such as mp3 music
  • Hide products and information items from selected customers or customer groups
  • Show different payment methods for online and offline orders

Customisable Store Design and Layout

  • Design Wizard to help you choose your site layout, buttons and colour scheme
  • Wizards to help you set up your store; configure Actinic for your web space; and set up product options
  • Real-time preview of your store as you build it
  • Full site customisation using an intuitive 'point and click' interface
  • Multiple preview modes provide easy navigation and instant access to any part of your store
  • Select from a range of pre-designed themes or mix and match elements to create a unique design
  • Complete flexibility to edit of site colour scheme, product/section layout and variables
  • Library of design snippets to be used in creating a design
  • Create additional content and information pages - build a complete web site
  • Word-style toolbar for changing fonts and text styles
  • Easy to use 'point and click' HTML code editor
  • Create conditions for specific content to appear on the web site
  • Integrates with Macromedia Dreamweaver enabling design to take place in Dreamweaver
  • Set up different data fields for different types of product, eg Author for books

Comprehensive Store Management Functionality

  • Built-in order-processing module processes orders from receipt to shipment
  • Accurately calculates shipping, handling and taxation costs
  • Product prices can be both entered and displayed exclusive or inclusive of tax
  • Display prices in two currencies simultaneously, using a fixed exchange rate
  • Full range of payment options for online orders, including support for Actinic Payments and PayPal
  • Supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for displaying the 'Golden Padlock'
  • Print invoices
  • Print packing lists and address labels
  • Handles both online and offline orders
  • One click order processing to allow fast processing of orders, with user-definable actions
  • Edit order details
  • Monitors stock levels during order processing, with alerts for low stock levels
  • Associate actions and dates with orders
  • Create and view sales reports such as fastest selling items and best customers
  • Generate customer emails with support for unlimited custom email templates.
  • Prompted backup and restore feature
  • User logon for catalogue management
  • Import customer account information
  • Single-page order entry form for telephone, phone, fax and mail orders
  • Rearrange the fields in the Orders tab
  • Barcode support
  • Interface directly with Sage Line 50 and QuickBooks accounting systems to transfer orders and import product and customer data
  • Dynamically link products to an external database

Powerful Marketing Features

  • Generates search-engine-friendly web sites
  • Meta keywords, meta description and title tags are automatically generated
  • Meta keywords, meta description and title tags can be edited by the user
  • Image alt tags automatically generated from product and section names
  • Create customer accounts to increase shopper loyalty
  • Google Analytics integration provides comprehensive monitoring of site performance and ROI (requires free Google Account)
  • Create Best Sellers list for publication to the web site
  • Create Related Product lists to encourage additional purchases
  • Automatically generate a New Products list and publish to web site
  • Create Also Bought lists to show products other shoppers have purchased
  • Apply discounts based on order value and display in the shopping cart
  • Apply discounts based on quantity or specific products ordered
  • Apply merchandising discounts such as 'buy one get one free', date-expiring discounts and multiple use coupons
  • Generate email lists and mailing lists including mailing labels, envelopes and reports
  • Advanced mailing list generation allowing filtering based on a variety of criteria
  • Set up a range of customer groups and apply specific criteria (discounts, messages, payment methods) to each group
  • Make notes under customer details and create action-due dates, and also sort by action-due dates

Customer Friendly Stores

  • Online shopping cart with industrial strength security
  • Automated site navigation features including menu bar, section list, site map and 'breadcrumb trail'
  • Automatic email confirmation of order
  • Remember me' option for returning visitors
  • Cart content summary visible on every page
  • Cart contents can be saved for later completion, or as a 'wish list'
  • Fast product search
  • Search by product variants such as colour and size
  • Fully integrated with all the leading online Payment Service Providers
  • Support for secure offline payment processing
  • Postcode lookup on the web site for online orders (Postcode Anywhere account required - annual fee applies; Sign up here

Comprehensive Support

  • Free Actinic email support
  • 30 days free Actinic telephone support
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Actinic Community forums

Minimum System Requirements

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Actinic Catalog in detail, Actinic Business PLUS in detail.

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