Actinic web site designs and integration - using a new, existing or an in-built design that comes with the package.

This page explains the different types of design methods that can be used with Actinic. Which ever method you use, the processes involved in adding, editing, removing and uploading your products will always be the same, therefore you will always retain the ease of use that comes with this highly recommended e-commerce software.

If you are unsure of how easy it really is, just download the free trial and see for yourself. Click here to visit the Actinic site to download.

You can click one of the below links if you already know how you want to handle the look of your site:

Our Integration services.

Which ever design type you go for, we are here to help you. We can advise which of the below methods will suit you best. Our skills and experience to ensure your site is optimised and error free is of the highest standard. We have methods of ensuring the site is setup correctly by using higly rated testing software and we are happy to show you how to check your existing site for errors and how to correct any problems found. In our experience, there is almost always something wrong with a sites optimisation, coding or links. This will almost certainly affect your rankings and the number of visitors to your site.

You might have noticed below the menu to the left there are two W3C validation service images. These can be used as examples of the tests we perform on our sites, if you click on either of these you will see they are valid for this page and all the other information pages on this site.

Try this with your site (HTML check, CSS check, Link checker) and see what happens, it only takes a few seconds.

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Individual Actinic designs built from scratch.

Bespoke websites are created from scratch by our designers to match your wishes and what will work best with Actinic. Although more expensive, there are a lot of benefits to having a new design created when getting into e-commerce. In the knowledge that the entire site is being created and setup by Actinic accredited developers you can be confident that the end result will look amazing, sell great and will be optimised with the latest methods we use in order to help your site stand out among the rest.

The process starts with the design side. You would be in direct contact with one of our designers to discuss the overall look and feel you want to go for. From there we will create an initial layout and colour scheme that includes the positioning of each section. Once in agreement, the designer will apply some high quality graphics to make the site aesthetically pleasing and then enter example information so you can see what the end result will be like. From here, you can continue communicating with the same designer until you are enitrely happy.

The next step is to integrate the design into Actinic so when you enter your products, prices, images etc they match the original look, but the information is in your control. We will need you to supply copy for some of the sites pages, such as about us, delivery information and so on. By this stage the site will have been uploaded to one of our test sites where you can check the information you have given, complete test orders and inform us of anything else you would like to add or change.

The third stage (once you are happy with the test site) starts with the only downside to the entire process... payment, but then you have your site, in your control, to add your product information, images, etc. and then upload to your live site. Unlike most systems which could be created for you, you will not need to continue paying to make changes to your sites main content, this is done through Actinic - litterally saving you thousands of pounds.

At any time before, during and after helping you through this process we are always happy to help... really! In fact, you can read some comments from our customers by clicking here. If you need more convincing, we can even arrange for you to converse (with prior arrangement) with them as refference.

Special offers for entire Actinic sites, Back to the top.

Using your own websites design with Actinic.

If you already have an information style web site and you wish to use it with Actinic to become an e-commerce site, we can help. There are two main ways to get your existing site to work with Actinic. One is to simply add links in your site pages that point to the folder that Actinic uploads to, secondly, you can move your entire site into Actinic giving you access to the main content of the site. The later can prove to save a lot of money if you are having to pay developers to make any changes to your site as it stands. The problem with the former solution is the site will not flow, it will look different even if you apply your logo to the Actinic site.

We would always recommend adding all the existing sites information pages into Actinic. We are always happy to help you integrate your existing site and also apply any further changes you wish to add/amend.

Pricing for this can be difficult to estimate without knowledge of the situation. If you wish to discuss your options and how we can help, please click here and fill in the short form, we will then look through your site and try and guage the best plan of action.

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Designs for non e-commerce web sites.

As well as creating e-commerce sites for selling on-line, we can of course create, setup and host a site for you that is used for information and a way to advertise your services.

The same technical abilities are used to help your site rank well and produce the results you require. Pricing for this does vary considerable based on the number of pages, graphics and additional options used such as Flash or animated graphics. Our main contact number at the top of the page is always charged at local rate if calling from the UK. Feel free to pick up the phone anytime and speak to one of our developers for any advise on how to get up and running.

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Actinics own designs and options.

Actinic comes with quite a few of its own designs with which you can setup your site to look and work in very useable ways. If you already have a logo from your existing site or even your headed paper you can copy the image into the site folder and select it as the main logo for the site. Then you can continue through the different layout options and colour schemes available until you are happy with your look. Using one of the in-built designs means that after adding your products and changing the look of the site, you could have a live e-commerce site running the same day you started! You will need hosting to upload the site to before it is live though! Click here for more information.

Customisable Store Design and Layout

  • Design Wizard to help you choose your site layout, buttons and colour scheme
  • Wizards to help you set up your store; configure Actinic for your web space; and set up product options
  • Real-time preview of your store as you build it
  • Full site customisation using an intuitive 'point and click' interface
  • Multiple preview modes provide easy navigation and instant access to any part of your store
  • Select from a range of pre-designed themes or mix and match elements to create a unique design
  • Complete flexibility to edit of site colour scheme, product/section layout and variables
  • Library of design snippets to be used in creating a design
  • Create additional content and information pages - build a complete web site
  • Word-style toolbar for changing fonts and text styles
  • Easy to use 'point and click' HTML code editor
  • Create conditions for specific content to appear on the web site
  • Integrates with Macromedia Dreamweaver enabling design to take place in Dreamweaver

Click here to run an example Actinic site.

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