Domain Names.

Domain names are required in order to have your own website. You can have one or more domain names associated with your hosting package, often companies try to own both the and the .com versions so as to stop competition using which ever they don't have.

As part of our hosting, we allow you to 'Park' additional domain names over your live site. This means if your live site is, you can park on top of it, so if your visitors enter either into their browser, they will still see your site. domain names are bought at a minimum of two years and .com's are renewed at a minimum of one year. If you wish to purchase a domain for a longer perion of time, feel free to contact us and we can set this up for you.

Click here to read the Wikipedia definition of domain names.

Types of domain
Below are the different types of domain names available. The prices of some do change very regularly, so if you require one that is not available in the order section toward the bottom of this page, please contact us to arrange purchase or to find the latest price.

Standard Domains
International domains    

New domain name request

New domain name request

Once you place your order we will confirm the domain is available.

Type and domain names cost £13.99 for two years.

Type .com and .net are £19.99 per year.

Domain Type

Domain name:

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