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Thanks for visiting out support page, hopefully you can find the answers to what you are looking for here, if not, please read the below to see ways to contact us so we can help you further.

We use Skype for a lot of our calls and we are happy to accept customers as contacts for live chats. Please feel free to contact us and request our Skype name or call +44 (0) 208 123 5143. If you don't have a Skype account, click here and you can set an account up right away for FREE.

Below is a list of our most requested setup information:

Ways to test your site.

Try these tests and see what happens, they only take a few seconds and any errors shown can affect the amount of visitors you get:

HTML check
This will show you how well your site has been made.

Link checker
This tests for broken links, internal and external and should be checked regularly.

CSS check
The CSS file affects the appearance of your site.

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Domain Set-Up (for configuring an existing domain).

If you did not purchase your domain name through us, you will need to make some changes in order for it to work with our hosting. There are two ways of configuring your domain name.

The first is to simply transfer the domain into out account, so that we can configure the domain for you. To transfer a UK domain name you will need to contact your existing domain registrar and ask them to change the IPStag to 123-REG. If you have a non UK domain name such as a .com, you will have to either ask or login to your domain name registrar and unlock the domain and request the Auth Code. In either case please let us know that you have done this, so we can prepare to collect the domain. Please note, non UK domains are charged at 10+vat to transfer, this is the amount we get charged to accept the domain and take no profit from this.

Secondly, if you wish to leave your domain with your registrar you will need to configure and maintain the domain by yourself. To start with you just need to change the domains nameservers by contacting your domains registrar or by logging into their control panel. You will need to change the nameservers to the below:

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

It is recommended that you do transfer the domain over to us so that we may apply any further changes in order to keep your site working. Please note, the domain will remain in your ownership.

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Email setup.

Your site, if new, will not have any e-mail addresses setup by default. To add new e-mail addresses, forwarding and auto-replies you will need to either log into your control panel (instructions) or contact support and they can set this up for you.

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Outlook Express set-up.

Setting up email in Outlook Express is quite straight forward. First start up Outlook Express.


On the Tools menu select Accounts, when the Internet Accounts dialogue appears select the Mail tab and then click the Add button.


Choose Mail from the Add button list. Enter the display name for this account.


Now enter the email address for this account.


Enter the POP and SMTP servers (like


Now enter the user name and password for the account, the user name will be the same as the email address.


That's the basics finished.


We now need to configure the SMTP authentication.

Highlight the account you have just created and click Properties.


Select the Servers tab and tick the 'My server requires authentication' tick box. Click OK.


Test it by sending an email to someone or to another account.

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Setting up Outlook 2003 and onward.

Start Outlook


From the Tools menu select E-mail accounts. Click the radio button against 'Add a new e-mail account'.


Choose POP3.


Now enter your email details.


Click More Settings.


Tick the setting for Outgoing server (SMTP) authentication and make sure it is set to use the same settings as the incoming mail server.

Now Test the settings.


If a test fails go back over the settings.


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Generic SMTP server for use on your website.

If you are not using the email provided by us but do require the use of an SMTP server in order to send email from your Actinic software you can use:

SMTP server : localhost

This is ONLY for use on your web site. This should not be used with your email client (Outlook or Outlook Express, etc)

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Control Panel Access.

You can access your control panel via '', replacing '' with your domains actual URL.

This will require you to login using your account details which you should have on e-mail.
(You may be prompted about the security certificate for the Control Panel web site, please accept the certificate to continue).

You can change the password for your account from here as well as access information about your domain(s). You can set up further email addresses if you intend to make use of our email service. The initial set-up will have configured your client, FTP, email and web stats access with the same user name and password.

The control panel used is called CPanel, it is an industry standard panel and provides a great degree of control without exposing you to complex configuration files. The facilities of the panel have been fine tuned to provide features appropriate to running an Actinic eCommerce web site.

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Web Statistics.

There are several web statistics programs that are included with your hosting, these are all available through the CPanel which you can log into using the above instructions.

These programs are from external sources and each can be explained further from the programs main web site, which are availble on-line by simply searching for the program name.

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FTP Account.

If you need to upload from an FTP client the details are:-

Server IP: Seee E-mail
FTP Account : See E-mail
FTP Password : See E-mail

If you do not have an FTP package, please click here to go to our links page where you can download one

The 'web root' folder is called 'public_html'. This is the folder you will upload any other files to, for example if you want to place a holding page you should upload it here, calling it index.html (the default page displayed)

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Actinic Network Settings.

To import your network settings please follow the steps below:

  • 1. First open the email you have received containing the file NetworkSetup.txt
  • 2. Drag and drop the text file onto your desktop.
  • 3. In Actinic, go to Web | Network Setup.
  • 4. If you already have some network settings in Actinic click "Export" and save your network settings in a safe place.
  • 5. Now to import your network settings click on "Import" and browse to your desktop where you will find the text file "NetworkSetup.txt".
  • 6. Click "OK" to import the settings.
  • 7. Click "OK" to close the "Advanced Network Setup" screen.
  • 8. Update you website (press Ctrl+U).

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Shared SSL.

If you have purchased the Actinic Shared SSL service you will have received your merchant ID, or will be doing so shortly. The following steps will help you configure your Actinic software for Shared SSL:

  • 1. Within your Actinic Product, select View | Business Settings | Payment.
  • 2. Under the 'Payment Method' select 'Credit card details captured for ...'.
  • 3. Click on the 'Configure Method' button.
  • 4. Select 'Shared SSL'.
  • 5. Select 'Actinic SharedSSL' from the Provider dropdown list.
  • 6. Un-check the 'Test Mode' box (and press OK on the dialog box that appears).
  • 7. Enter your Merchant ID (case sensitive).
  • 8. Press OK to close the Business Settings form.
  • 9. Update you website (press Ctrl+U).

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Dedicated SSL.

If you have purchased a Dedicated SSL certificate with your hosting, it will have been set up for you. You will need to correctly configure your Actinic software prior to importing the Network settings file that you have been sent. On the business settings dialog, at the bottom right, you will see a tick box for 'SSL' tick this and select 'Checkout Pages and Customer Login only'.

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